The Benefits of Tiny Homes on Foundations

Unless you plan to take your home on the road, there’s really no reason to build your tiny home on wheels. Choosing to build on a foundation is not only a preference for some people, but it comes with a number of benefits as well. If you’re interested in constructing a tiny home on a foundation, here are some things you can look forward to.

Owning Your Land
When you plan to build tiny homes on foundations, you will need to buy a piece of land. Renting land might be an option for you, but it’s considered a risky one. If at some point down the line the landowner decides to sell or that they need to use the land, you can lose your tiny house. So, in these kinds of situations, it’s usually better to buy. Depending on how big or small the land is, you can get a great deal. Some cities will sell small vacant lots for under $1,000.

Property Will Appreciate In Value
By owning a piece of land and building a structure on it, the property will likely appreciate in value. This is especially important if you are building a temporary home. Unlike a tiny house on wheels, which depreciates over the years, a home built on a foundation is considered an investment. If selling it is in your plan for the future, even a rundown house will hold some value because of the land. As long as the foundation is in good standing, people will want to buy the property.

Easier to Get a Loan
Most banks won’t consider lending someone money to build a tiny house on wheels. This is because they tend to depreciate in value and deteriorate after years of use. Banks want to invest in the construction of homes that they can resell if the loan isn’t paid back. It’s also harder to foreclose on a house when it’s always on the move.

Less Maintenance
Since people who build tiny homes on trailers are traveling frequently, the house will experience a lot of wear and tear. More than any tiny houses on foundations. The wheels and trailer alone will require regular attention. Not to mention the home’s siding, which will require maintenance after having to withstand all of the rocks and gravel that kick up while you’re on the road. None of this is an issue when you build a home on a foundation. Instead, your areas of maintenance revolve more around taking care of your property such as mowing your lawn and trimming your bushes.

Use Traditional Utility Hookups
When you live in a tiny house on wheels, things like plumbing and electricity have to be taken into consideration. Rather than being able to hook up to the city grid, you’ll need to come up with alternatives if you want your home to be mobile. This means using compost toilets, solar power, and water tanks. Building a tiny house on a foundation gives you the option to hook up to the grid so that you can have traditional plumbing, electricity, and the most important utility, WiFi.

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