Welcome and thank you for taking the time to review the information on our website. Tiny Homes by Design is Florida’s leader in custom, luxury tiny house, new construction. Currently tiny homes are the biggest trend in the real estate market, with more and more people converting to the tiny house lifestyle.

When you hear of tiny home living, you think of a tiny home on wheels. Even though tiny home on wheels give you some mobility, they lack stability in their structure, along with the possibility of loosing your investment, hard work and money to a natural disaster or a major accident moving your home.

Tiny Homes by Design brings you a new concept in tiny house living, and lets you abandoned your training wheels when it comes to the tiny home on wheels. At Tiny Homes by Design, we realized that a home is your biggest investment, and relying on the structure of your tiny home is priority.

All our models are custom designed to a unique look, or to replicate a mini version of your existing home. Our models are designed for hurricane rated strength and meet all local building codes. Each pre designed or custom designed model will never look like a back yard shed. In fact ALL our models look like actual full-size luxury homes, and when built beside a full-size home, our models will have a superior street appeal.

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Tiny Homes By Design

Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in new construction,  hurricane built, tiny homes in Florida. 

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