Each tiny home model starts out as a base design. You can build off a 14 x 28 base, a 24 x 28 base, or a custom configured base to fit the area you would like to build in. All models are built on a concrete foundation and concrete block walls with a stucco flat finish.

Depending on the model you like, we can add upgrades such as smart technology, larger windows, taller doors, custom tile showers, custom flooring, kitchen islands, custom back splashes, decks and more. Whatever you can imagine, we will build it for you.

Below are some examples of upgrades that can be added to your tiny home. Call today and speak with a development consultant about the upgrades you would like to make to your tiny home.


Tiny Home Upgrades

Increased Living Space

When you build one of our tiny homes, you can increase the base size of your tiny home. Each tiny home can be designed to be increased from a 14 x 28 base to a 23 x 28 base or larger.


LED Fireplace

Designed to stretch theatrically across your wall, it will confidently take center stage. This is not only a fireplace, but a piece of functioning modern art which will adapt to your mood and surroundings at the touch of a button.


Wall Height

When we build your custom tiny home, you have the option to increase your wall height to 10, 11 or 12 feet. All our tiny homes are designed to modify the wall height into the custom height you feel comfortable living in.


Custom Glass

Every tiny home design is unique to each customer. We can order energy efficient impact glass to give your tiny home that high end look. You have the option to choose your custom glass sizes to bring the natural light into your tiny home.


Separate Bedroom

Our custom designed tiny homes are perfect for giving you the exact living space you’re looking for. You can add a separate bedroom to any tiny home model, providing you with additional space and privacy that you're used to living with. 


Loft Room

Each tiny home can be modified to almost anything you can think of. All our tiny homes can be designed with a loft bedroom, or you can even combine the loft option with the separate one bedroom to maximize the living area of your tiny home.


Entertainment Decks

When you design your tiny home for comfort and style, you also want to enjoy the space outside. By adding an entertainment deck, you can enjoy the weather, entertain friends and increase the visual appeal of your tiny home.



All our tiny homes come with the basic amenities. However, there are amenities that need to be adjusted to each individual tiny home owner. You can add almost any amenity, our design consultant will guide you in adding additional amenities.


Smart Technology

Each luxury tiny home can be built with modern technology, turning your tiny home into a smart tiny home. This feature is great for providing you with automated assistance for shutting off lights, TV, answer phone calls and increased safety.


Solar Power

When we design your tiny homes, we can install solar power for off grid tiny home living. All our models can be predesigned to provide you with enough solar power to run all the amenities you need, no matter where you are off grid.


Covered Lanai

Take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather with a covered lanai. This feature is a nice way to stay protected from the sun, while relaxing outdoors. This tiny home upgrade can be easily installed and modified for additional space in the future.


Landscape Design

Backyard landscape designs will provide your tiny home with more privacy and a beautiful visual appeal. We will recommend a list of ideal plants that have a variety of colors to make your tiny home feel like a tropical vacation hideaway.

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