Even though we are building a TINY HOME, we still need to go thought the same process as though we were building a full-size home. Before we can start construction of your new tiny home, a building permit is required from the city.
We will handle all the paperwork, and answer any questions you might have about the permit that is required from the city. Once we have confirmed all the details of your Tiny Home, we start collecting all the building permit documents and prepare your permit package for submission.

There are 3 main reports that are needed before we can submit for your building permit.

  • A permit set of construction drawings
  • A boundary & topography survey
  • A civil engineering site plan

Shortly after we submit all the proper paperwork to the city, we are issued your building permit and we can break ground to get your tiny home. We will complete your tiny home per our construction timeline in 3 months.

During each phase of your tiny home build, our experienced project manager will be onsite to make sure your tiny home is progressing as scheduled and is meeting the highest standards of construction.

Tiny Home Construction
We work closely with all the local building department inspectors and know what they expect to see to pass each inspection during your tiny home build.



Our experienced & friendly building consultant will meet with you personally, take the time to understand what your looking for in your tiny home, then go over your excat needs and speifications to build your tiny home. Once we have created an detailed plan on how you would like to build your tiny home, we put together a proposal to construct your tiny home and move to the next step.


Now that we have a detailed plan to build your tiny home, including, size, amenities, features and finishes, we put together an engagement contract. The contract will detail an exact cost to build your tiny home, a draw schedule and construction time line to finish your tiny home project.


Once everyone has agreed on a cost to build your tiny home & your contract has been signed, we send your tiny home specifications to our graphic designer. Our professional designer will work to turn your ideas and specifications into a live finished 3D model of your new tiny home. The model is great for letting you fine tune your tiny home ideas before it goes to the next stage of deveolpment.


When your workable 3D model is complete we are ready to go to production. Our Planning & development department will submit your 3D model to the archtec for a permit ready set of drawrings, along with ordering a survey and engineering report that is needed for your permit. At the same time your reports are being created, we are preping the building permit package to have everything ready for submission.


When we submit your package to the building department, it normally takes about 2 weeks to be processed by the city. While your building permit is being processed, the buildier & the development team are settting up the subcontractors and all the venders to start delivering material to the job site. By the time all this complete, we should have your building permits in place and construcion on your tiny home begins.


As you contnue to use the construcion time line we provieded to you, you can follow the developmnent progress of your tiny home. In the 3rd month of construction, we will do a walk through of your finished tiny home, hand you the keys and your ready to start your new life in Tiny Home Living. Your project is complete.

Tiny Homes By Design

Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in new construction,  hurricane built, tiny homes in Florida. Our tiny home models are custom designed for full amenities and anchored to the ground with a concrete foundation.



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