Tiny homes by Design is a leader in hurricane resistant concrete tiny homes throughout Florida. As our company continues to grow, we are now opening up the opportunity for investors to profit in this extraordinary tiny home boom.

If you are an investor looking to expand your portfolio or a customer looking for a way for additional income, then investing in real estate project shares is the best way to profit with us.

Investing in realty shares gives you the option to buy a small or large amount of shares in any upcoming tiny home development. Your project shares will be returned with a large profit on a longer investment or high monthly profits depending on your level of investment.

All investments are 100% secured either by a trust fund, and or a lien position on the current project you choose for security. Tiny Homes by Design has engaged a local law firm as a third party to help hold investor funds, regulate the use of investor funds and the disbursement of investment profits.

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What are realty shares?
Realty shares are individual shares that allow you to buy into and profit with our real estate devevlopmet projects.
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Tiny Homes By Design

Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in new construction,  hurricane built, tiny homes in Florida. Our tiny home models are custom designed for full amenities and anchored to the ground with a concrete foundation.

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