Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in hurricane resistant, tiny homes throughout Florida. As our customer base has expanded, we have seen the need for construction financing for our customers tiny homes.

In the past we have worked with local banks that provide construction to perm financing, it’s clear that the easier route for our customers, would be for us to finance the construction of the tiny homes and then convert our construction loan into a long-term local bank mortgage.

Customer Financing Qualifications

In order for a customer to qualify for our financing program they must meet certain criteria.

The main part of our qualification is a pre-qualification letter from a local bank covering the total cost of the tiny home. This letter must be in good for the duration of the time of the tiny home build.

The customer must purchase the land in full, this is used as security in the event of default. With the customer owning a land in full, as a finance company we have the option in default 2 repossess the property and the tiny home for resale.

The customer must inject the first $10,000 in cash into the tiny home project. With the land paid in full and the addition of $10,000 in equity into the build, in the event of default we will have enough money to finish the project.

If you have any additional questions or you would like to spaek with a loan consultant about our program, please call
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How much of a construction loan do I qualify for ?
We only lend the amount needed to build your tiny home, this would include any extra upgrades purchased at start of construction.
How long would i need the construction loan for ?
Is the construction loan a regular mortage ?
What is the interest rate for the construction loan ?
What banks do you work with?
How much would my monthly payments be ?

Tiny Homes By Design

Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in new construction,  hurricane built, tiny homes in Florida. Our tiny home models are custom designed for full amenities and anchored to the ground with a concrete foundation.

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