Are you ready for the next step in owning a tiny home airbnb business? We have put together tiny home air bnb business packages for those investors serious about making money in real estate with Airbnb.

Our Air bnb business packages come with everything you need to get started. We have small theamed air bnb properties set up for 2 to 6 homes, or up to a large resort theamed development consisting of 100 homes or more.

Your tiny home business can be started in almost any area, all we need to know from you is:

What area do you want your business in?
What size property would you like?
How much revenue do you want to make?
What tiny home models you want to build?
What theam you want with your business?

We will develop your profitable business model, set up your land deal including permiting, build your selected tiny home models and get your business up and ready to start generating revenue.

Contact us today to discuss your project and learn how quickly we can you set up with your own tiny home air bnb or resort hotel business.

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Tiny Home Hotel Resort

Tiny Homes By Design

Tiny Homes by Design is the leader in new construction,  hurricane built, tiny homes in Florida. Our tiny home models are custom designed for full amenities and anchored to the ground with a concrete foundation.

Building Partner

Goldlock-Stone Construction
Custom Home Builder

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